Zique is a NFT product developed in collaboration between the UBU team and the Zique team.

Zique is a unique NFT built on the Binance universe which allows players to enjoy, learn and monetize the creation story using the concept and variables associated with the now popular blockchain and cryptocurrency duo-plex. Given the constraints associated with the uniqueness and rarity of the characters in our context, the value and worth of our tokens is set on growing custodian -model that has become the hallmark of leading cryptocurrencies. Our token circulating supply is fixed and capped at one billion, giving it a defined and design advantage for value growth and implied scarcity. The Zique looks forward to making a difference in the NFT marketplace and we beckon on you to join our slate in developing value and growing a shared wealth.

Zique Information

IDO Information

Zique will be IDO on UPad to raise a total investment capital of $200,000 divided into 2 pools including:
  1. 1.
    BUSD Pool: 100,000 BUSD - the entire BUSD raised will be used to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap v1
  2. 2.
    UBU Pool: 100,000$ UBU - 40% of UBU raised will be burned (UPad Deflation Mechanism)
  • Token Distribution: 500,000,000 ZIQUE
  • Min. Allocation: 50 BUSD & 500 UBU
  • Max. Allocation: 1,000 BUSD & 5,000 UBU
  • Swap Rate: 1 BUSD = 2,500 ZIQUE & 1 UBU = ? ZIQUE
  • Opening time: TBA
  • Closing time: TBA
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