UBank works like a traditional bank with Saving packages that offer higher interest rates and more decentralization.
function calculateReward(uint256 _amount, uint256 _days) public view returns (uint256) {
uint256 _multiplier = _quadraticRewardCurveY(_days);
uint256 _AY = _amount.mul(_multiplier);
return _AY.div(10000000);
// a + b*x + c*x^2
function _quadraticRewardCurveY(uint256 _x) public view returns (uint256) {
uint256 _bx = _x.mul(B);
uint256 _x2 = _x.mul(_x);
uint256 _cx2 = C.mul(_x2);
return A.add(_bx).add(_cx2);

Saving Duration

  • 11 days
    5% ROI
  • 1 month
    12% ROI
  • 3 months
    40% ROI
  • 6 months
    101% ROI
  • 12 months
    297% ROI
The longer you saving the higher the APY. However you won't be able to withdraw funds until the duration has passed.

How to join UBank?

Step 1: Install Metamask​
Step 3: Go to UBank and Connect to Metamask
Step 4: Enter amount and Saving Duration
Step 5: Click Saving and Confirm
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How to join UBank?