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UGame Introduction - Pioneer in NFT integration on Mobile platforms

At UGame, our vision is to create one of the most exciting blockchain gaming experiences by combining traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technology, becoming one of the best current RPG games run on BSC & blockchain in the world.

How to play?

Go to Homepage and download the installer (available for Android and IOS):​
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UGame is one of the pioneering games applying NFT on Mobile platform.
UGame NFT is the "first launch" stage allowing players to own and bet in the UGame expansion metaverse. From time to time, we are planning to introduce more stages of our release and blockchain infrastructure, giving players more chances to own and play along with their Alliens!
Allien will soon be integrated with NFT, bringing users the most memorable experience. Equipment such as hats, clothes, weapons... will also be integrated into Alliens so that you can own your unique Allien. Alliens and equipment are tradeable on the UBU Finance Marketplace with the UBU token and will shape your character in the game.


This would be UGame's most anticipated mechanism. Play UGame to earn UGame tokens. By collecting King Allien during the game, the rarer the King Allien be, the more UBU tokens you will earn.
UGame token will be used as the currency in UGame and will be used for all functions in the game.

Referral Program

Share to your friends so you both get 2 UGame tokens when your friends reach level 6. Especially, you will get 20% from Tier 1 and 10% from Tier 2 of the total UGame spawned by King Alien.


We look forward to seeing you in UGame!
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