Deflation Mechanism

Weak Hand Tax
Deflation is integrated into the UBU token contract.
function _transfer(address sender, address recipient, uint256 amount) internal virtual override {
if (transferFeeRate > 0 && _transactionFee[recipient] == true && recipient != address(0) && feeaddr != address(0)) {
uint256 _feeamount = amount * transferFeeRate / 100;
super._transfer(sender, feeaddr, _feeamount);
amount = amount - _feeamount;
//transferFeeRate = 2;
  • Each Sell transaction will be charged 2% fee. The charge would be automatically added to the UBank contract for disbursing interest to participants in this operation.
Example: When users sell 100 UBU, they will be charged the fee of 2 UBU (these 2 UBU will be transferred directly to the UBank contract) Thus, this Sell order is executed with the value of 98 UBU.


  • This function works with all UBU trading pairs on PancakeSwap.
  • Users need to set the Slippage >2% for each Sell transaction on PancakeSwap.